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Thursday, May 19, 2011

On Lil Wayne

I'm just going to put this out there, listening to "John" by Lil Wayne feat. Rick Ross just makes me want to listen to "I'm Not a Star" by Rozay, the song it samples.  Theres really no point for Lil Wayne to have made a worse song, that is basically just an extended version of Ricky's.  Ross should have thrown Wayne on the remix instead, maybe mask him with a Wale appearance even, something to limit the amount we have to hear him in this song.
On a similar note, why would Cool & Dre choose to highlight the difference between The Game's and Lil Wayne's voices in their recent collaboration "Red Nation?"  I enjoy the sample, hook, the verses aren't terrible, and overall it's a good song.  But hearing Game's famously raspy voice and then what sounds like Lil Wayne on helium in the same second is always going to be an awkward transition.  Something tells me that is not actually Wayne's voice, and if it is, use some program to smooth it out because that's just flat out irritating.

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